Game of Thrones Premium Set of 6 Glasses

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We’ve scoured the bazaars of Pentos, Qarth and Braavos to bring you the finest in Essos goods, including this stunning collectors’ set of Game of Thrones glasses. Each of these six glasses is slightly different, but equally intricately decorated in delicate gold and silver metallic finishes by the finest craftsmen from across the Narrow Sea. The four small and medium glasses show sigils from important houses in Westeros: the Stark direwolf, Lannister lion, Baratheon stag and Targaryen dragon. Of the remaining two glasses, one is straight and bears the Essos saying “Valar Morghulis”, (All men must die), while the other is delightfully curved at the top and reads “Valar Dohaeris” (All men must serve). The set comes presented in a Game of Thrones giftbox, decorated with the show’s logo and grey bordering. A beautiful set of sparkling metallic glasses that is sure to impress dedicated Game of Thrones collectors, this makes a thoughtful housewarming or “just because” gift.

Glass (not dragonglass). There are two glasses of each size: 50ml, 75ml and 100ml. Presentation box measures 31.5cm x 21.5cm x 8.5cm.

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