Rick and Morty Heat Change Mug - Portal

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You were having a quiet morning. Just putting the kettle on, debating the point of toast when suddenly a crazy blue haired scientist and a dweeby kid jumped through a portal where your fridge used to be and shot your boyfriend. Sure, he turned out to be an alien parasite, but that’s still a pretty bad start to the day. At least the intergalactic interlopers left behind this official Rick and Morty heat change mug for your interrupted morning brew. When cold, the mug shows Rick and Morty emerging from the black nothingness, but put in hot liquid and two portals appear in the background, as if by magic. Except it’s not magic, it’s science. This heat change mug is a reminder of the time your fridge went on an interdimensional adventure and is a perfect gift for Rick and Morty fans and collectors.

Ceramic. Measures 9.5cm tall with diameter of 8cm. Holds approx. 280ml. Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use, unless you want your appliance to explode into a portal to another dimension.

Comes in Rick and Morty themed box measuring 12cm x 9cm x 11cm. Check out the rest of our Rick and Morty Merchandise in the Film & TV section of our shop, based in York in the UK.