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How sure are you that your friends aren’t parasites? Really sure? Completely sure? Maybe you’re a parasite…? In the officially licensed Total Rickall Rick and Morty card game, you work together with your friends to rid the Smith house of alien parasites who keep appearing and implanting happy memories into your head, just like in the Rick and Morty episode of the same name. With new potential parasites appearing in each round, it’s up to you to use action cards to suss out who’s real and who’s not and then shoot the parasites. Or you can play in advanced mode, where some of you are in cahoots with the pesky parasites…You can’t trust anyone can you?

You don’t need to watch Rick and Morty to play this game, but you really should. It’s a great show – don’t be a Jerry now. Featuring fan favourite characters Pencilvester, Sleepy Gary, Tinkles and many more, this game is sure to be popular at family and friends games nights, making it a great gift for Rick and Morty fans and collectors.

Co-operative game for 2 to 5 players aged 15+. Game playtime lasts around 30 minutes. Comes in box measuring 4cm x 14cm x 10cm.

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