The Adventures of Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls

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Tintin Book 13: The Seven Crystal Balls

The Seven Crystal Balls is the thirteenth Tintin book in The Adventures of Tintin series written by Hergé. A great gift for any Tintin collector (or Tintinologist, as they like to be known!) why not start your collection today? Tintin, Snowy, and Haddock embark on an adventure to help the friend of Professor Calculus who is the last of seven members of a Peruvian expedition who has not been struck down by a mysterious curse. Professor Tarragon, who is guarding an Incan Mummy retrieved on the expedition, is eventually caught by the same curse and left in a coma, whilst Professor Calculus is kidnapped! Tintin and Co. set off in pursuit of their friend, boarding a ship to Peru. (Story continues in Prisoners of the Sun.)

Paperback. Measures 29cm x 22cm. Full colour comic illustrations.

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