The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 1

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The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 1

Small hardback collected volume containing the first two Tintin books in The Adventures of Tintin series written by Hergé. A great gift for any Tintin collector (or Tintinologist, as they like to be known!) why not start your collection today?

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets: The plot of the first ever Tintin story revolves around the young Belgian reporter and his dog Snowy, who travel to the Soviet Union to report back on the policies instituted by the Bolsheviks. However, an agent of the Soviet secret service attempts to prevent Tintin from doing so, consistently setting traps to get rid of him. Despite this, the young reporter is successful in discovering the secrets of the Bolsheviks and how they are stealing the food of the Soviet people, rigging elections and murdering opponents.

Tintin in America: Tintin in America is a wild romp through gangster run Chicago and the Cowboy and Indian travelled Rocky Mountains. It is generally accepted not to be as strong a story as some later titles, but is thoroughly enjoyable, especially for the collector who wants to see the evolution of the Tintin format.

Hardback. Measures 22cm x 15.5cm. Land of the Soviets is black & white, Tintin in America features full colour comic illustrations.

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