The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 2

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The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 2

Small hardback collected volume containing the Tintin books three to five, from The Adventures of Tintin series written by Hergé. A great gift for any Tintin collector (or Tintinologist, as they like to be known!) why not start your collection today?

Cigars of the Pharaoh: While going on a cruise with faithful Snowy, Tintin finds himself investigating a strange secret symbol which keeps appearing where ever he goes. This leads to him, amongst MANY other escapades, being arrested for drug smuggling, getting trapped in an ancient Egyptian tomb, being abandoned at sea in a coffin, being attacked by sharks, getting conscripted into the Arabian army, facing a firing squad and being buried alive - and that's just the beginning!

The Blue Lotus: One of the more popular of Hergé's Tintin books, The Blue Lotus is a fascinating mystery set in 1931 Shanghai. It follows on directly from the end of Cigars of the Pharaoh, and as usual the intrepid young reporter is trying to solve a mystery despite the attempts of many to thwart him!

The Broken Ear: Leading Tintin and Snowy into the jungles of South America is their quest to locate a stolen artefact, solve several murders, and stop war!

Hardback. Measures 22cm x 15.5cm. Full colour comic illustrations.

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