The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 8

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The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 8

Small hardback collected volume containing the Tintin books twenty-one to twenty-three, from The Adventures of Tintin series written by Hergé. A great gift for any Tintin collector (or Tintinologist, as they like to be known!) why not start your collection today?

Flight 714: In this adventure Tintin, Haddock, Snowy and Calculus are travelling with a millionaire who is the target of a kidnap plot. Crash landing on a remote island, the group experience an earthquake, volcano, and a truly extra-terrestrial flight!

Tintin and the Picaros: Tintin and his companions become swept up in a political revolution and must hide out with rebels in the jungle as they try to prevent the execution of Castafiore and Thomson and Thompson.

Tintin and Alph-Art: The final, unfinished Tintin book differs from the other adventures and mysteries in that it is set within the world of modern art. It is left unfinished and ends on a cliffhanger. The book features no clear resolution and is a collection of plot devices, storyboard, dialogue, sketches, and intention.

Hardback. Measures 22cm x 15.5cm.. Full colour comic illustrations.

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