The Miniature Book of Miniature Golf

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The Miniature Book of Miniature Golf

Strokes of Genius! Here is a complete working 9-hole mini-golf course. Embrace the joy, the challenge, the golf-for-everyone attitude, in the only book that you can play through, miniature golf balls and putter included. Not to mention doglegs, water hazards, tricky lies and that unique feature of mini-golf, the bank shot.

The course:

1 The clubhouse, par 5

2 The water hole, par 2

3 T.Rex, par 3

4 Sand trap, par 3

5 Over the river, par 2

6 Hedge maze, par 7

7 Pirate's cove, par 3

8 Windmill, par 2

9 The clown, par 2